Fury F1 Kit
Fury F1 Kit
Fury F1 Kit
Fury F1 Kit
Fury F1 Kit
Fury F1 Kit
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Fury F1 Kit

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Our introduction into competitive RC racing starts with The Fury F1 chassis.

The car has been designed to have as many different setup options as possible in as wide range as possible. We have also focused on making sure that these changes can be made faster, without excessive use of optional parts to allow more time to be spend on the track. 


The Fury’s versatility allows it to adapt to both carpet and asphalt surfaces while using all brands of rubber tires and body styles.


  • Caster and Camber can be changed in seconds without additional parts.
  • Width and Wheelbase change at the lower arm with only 4 screws.
  • Roll Center can be fine-tuned at the lower and upper arm locations.
  • Reactive Caster options at 0°, 5°, and 10°.
  • Camber Gain is controlled with shims.
  • Included option for inline and trailing axles.
  • Two included Top Deck options for chassis stiffness tuning.
  • Several Side Link options for position and length to position the pod.
  • Massive Wheelbase range.
  • Micro Ride Height adjustment made easy with shims.
  • V-link pivot system providing large Roll Center setup window for all racing surfaces.

 Inclusive manual describing how to make each change and how that will likely affect the car’s drivability.