SGP1 Round 3

Race reports SGP1

 SPG1 Round 3 happened last weekend. Track changed to more flowing, open layout that was slightly faster. Testing was a bit difficult coming into the weekend due to very high traction causing rollovers from the previous layout. If you changed your setup to deal with this, then in the morning you had to switch back to a more forgiving one to take advantage of the lower traction.

 This round saw a change to the qualifying procedure. Instead of 90 minutes to put in your fastest lap time, it was broken up into three parts. We will be using this format for the rest of the season. Q1 was 45 minutes long and the bottom third is dropped. Q2 is 30 minutes long where half the drivers are dropped. Then Q3 is a 15 minute shootout to see who makes the A main and their positions.

No new prototype parts were tested, but the team went to a smaller front spring due to using smaller 1/12 servos at various chassis positions.

 All three cars showed promise during the morning practice where each of us put in 13.0 second laps. Only a handful of other drivers could get to 13.0 or lower, so things looked good for qualifying.

 We all went through Q1. During Q2 Bob couldn’t get past a 13.2 and got stuck at B5. The car felt great – it just wasn’t fast and we have no idea why. Setup, motor, ESC, driver? For Q3, Martin and Lory put in fantastic laps, but got nipped by two Katana drivers with a 12.7 and low 12.8 laps.  Martin starts P3 and Lory P4.

 Other Fury drivers in the A main include Heng in 7th, Cai Dao in 8th, Dom in 9th, and Zhao Jia in 10th.

 This race strategy has the A main guys running a super secret FDR. Then nothing special – let ‘er rip. While Martin was fighting with a Katana guy, bounceing back and forth between P1 and P2, Lory was steadily improving from P4. Half way through the 30 minute final, Lory took the lead from Martin and started to pull away. While this was happening, Martin was figthing to keep P2 from the Katana driver, Lu Jiajun. Although Martin had a speed disadvantage, he positioned his car to keep Lu behind and make him use up more battery.

 Trying to get through some back markers, Lory tripped up and piped it going onto the straight. Marshals ignored him and he spent 10 seconds on his lid, moving him for P1 to P3. He got back up to P2 with under 2 minutes left in the race.

 With the season’s first 1-2 team finish, Norsemen have gained a 14 point lead going into the second half of the season.


Fury drivers finished:

A1- Martin (Norsemen)

A2- Lory (Norsemen)

A4- Heng (Aston Martin A)

A5- Zhao Jia (Aston Martin A)

A7- Cai Dao (Mclaren)

A10- Dom (Aston Martin B)

B2- Yamamori (Tororosso)

B4- Bob (Norsemen)

B6- Rinrin (Tororosso)


The standings after race 3

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