SGP1 Race 2

Race reports

Round 2 of the SPG1 series had a more technical layout and we had a chance to test a few setup choices the day before. We concluded the direct rear wing mount felt better, but gave us slower lap times. We also noticed a shorter wing mount could help the car get into the corners better. Therefore, this round we didn’t test any prototype parts aside from all of us running the shorter front wing mount chassis.

We were off a couple of tenths halfway through opening practice, but our cars felt strong. Bob was especially slow as he was struggling with a couple of corners. Practice showed us how difficult getting through traffic on the tight track was going to be when all cars would be present for qualifying.

Bob had two ideas. One was to change his position on the driver’s stand so he could get a better look at the track. The other was to get out early to put in laps on a clear track. This paid off when he pulled a 13.3 lap. Provisional TQ for most of the 90-minute qualifying session.

Eventually, Martin went .002 faster to take over provisional TQ. Then, with a few minutes left, Lory hit a 13.2 to TQ round 2. It is very difficult to get all three drivers in the A main. Norsemen managed to lock out the top three positions as well.


Other Fury drivers in the A main include Yamamori San in 6th and Cai Dao in 8th. 


Our race strategy was for Bob to slow the pack long enough for Lory and Martin to get a lap on the rest of the field. This did not work as planned when unpenalized rough driving took Bob out and broke a rear bearing. Thanks to consistent driving from Martin and Lory, we still finished high enough in Round 2 to take over the series lead.

Other notable Fury drivers finishing A6, A8 was Yamamori San and Cai Dao. 


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