First club race of RCiV3 !

Race reports

During the last short holiday we finally got to get back into racing again, this time in the newly built RCiV3 what is the best RC facility we ever had in Shanghai. This will require it's own blog post later on.

The race format was a 25 minute qualify were the single fastest lap counted. Then two 20 minute finals, one in each direction with the two races result counted together with the 2nd race started in reverse order.

Classes for the race was F1, FF, Euro truck and M-chassis.

In qualify the Norsemen team drivers experienced mixed results with Martin taking the TQ after setting a really fast time on the first try. Lory qualified 4th, a really good result since he only had 3-4 runs in practice with the Fury car and Bob in 7th. There were 3 more fury drivers in 9, 10 and one did not post a time for qualy.

In race 1 Martin got a good start and broke away from the field immediately.

"With some fights going on behind it was quite a relaxed run and I saved some battery to be sure not to run out in the end, I went with a little higher gearing since we were only doing 20 minutes as opposed to 30 what we do in the SGP1 races but had not tested a full run before".

Race picture from RCiV3

Pictured: Lory overtaking a car with a smoking motor.

Lory managed to fight his way to 2nd after a few laps and Bob climbed to 3rd for a Team Norsemen 1,2,3 with another Fury in 4th. Definitely a good race pace in the Fury cars!

With a reverse order start for the 2nd race it would be a game of patience and after about 6-7 minutes Martin had climbed back into 1st position with Lory and Bob close behind. However this race was not as smooth as the first one, Martin had a steering arm come loose after trying to lap a car on the inside of a high speed corner and clipping the barrier a little bit loosing 2 laps, later on Lory had a broken spur gear due to the pinion slightly misaligning with the spur gear, the motors we use for this series are some specially made brushed motors what are a little difficult to fit well into the cars. Bob had a better run finishing in 1st, Martin finally fought back for a 3rd and the total win.

The final podium was while most major brands were represented at the race still a clean sweep for the Fury car

Martin - Fury
Bob - Fury
Zhao Jia - Fury

After the race Norsemen driver Lory said " I am really happy with how the car drives so far, I only had very little testing time but I am already very competitive, there are for sure room to improve so this can be really good in the end".

Bob said "Although my qualify pace was not where I wanted it to be my race pace was really good and I made up a lot of places, I did not make any major mistakes during the 40 minutes of racing thanks to the car being super easy to drive"

RCiV3 club race

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